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Technical Services

WAN/LAN Implementation and Maintenance

  • Provide support and resources regarding established connectivity standards
  • Network Monitoring
  • Design and Implementation of Network Upgrades
  • 10 by 5 Support for the Network
  • Maintain helpdesk support for a designated district representative

Internet Connectivity and Support

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Content Filtering
  • Firewall Protection
  • Distribution of IP Addresses
  • DNS Service
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Connect is an FCC-USAC Schools and Library Division approved Internet Service Provider

EMail Delivery Systems

  • Management and support for user mailboxes on supported servers
  • Systems management and monitoring of mail channels on supported servers
  • Support for access to mail system from standard POP3/IMAP clients
  • Installation of new features and software upgrades for server software
  • Training for supported mail clients
  • Provide the ability for school districts’ servers to receive email

Additional Services

  • Assist school personnel with installation and configuration of various hardware products
  • Assist school personnel with installation and configuration of various software products
  • Connect’s staff provides custom software development services when existing software cannot reasonably meet the needs of the school
  • Facilitate Group Purchasing
  • e-Recycling