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Fiscal Services

Connect provides training and support to its customers in the area of financial services.

USAS - Accounting (GAAP, Accounts Receivable, USAS DW, FiscWeb, USAS Web)
USPS - Payroll / Personnel Software
EMIS - Staff and Financial Reporting
EIS/SAAS - Equipment Inventory, School Fixed Asset Accounting
Tyler Munis - ERP Financial, Payroll, & Human Resources Software
eFinancePlus - ERP Financial, Payroll, & Human Resources Software


  • Connect takes a proactive approach to all clients' needs.
  • Assistance is provided in error detection and correction.
  • Mass updates to data upon written request.
  • Customized forms designed for customers, such as purchase orders, checks, etc.
  • Assistance is provided in downloading files/data for PC application usage.
  • Specialized documentation written for end users.
  • Assistance is provided in installing/using Safari ODBC driver.
  • Coordination of group purchases of various forms.
  • W2/1099 forms printed for clients.
  • Full support of Laser Forms.
  • Fiscal Web Reports Online.
  • State Software Web Access Tools.
  • State Software Web Based Accounting.
  • Tyler Munis Software Web Based Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources, and Inventory services.
  • Setup procedures with customer's banking institutions for Direct Deposit, Positive Pay banking software, and warrant/payroll clearance account automated reconciliation.
  • Submit data on the behalf of the customers to ODJFS and other various taxing entities.
  • Provide on-line access to several years of archived financial data.
  • Provide microfiche/CD ROM services for any report(s) desired by the customers.


  • Provided to the customers on an as needed basis either at Connect's training facilities or at the customer's location.
  • Provided with all new updates to software, fiscal year end, calendar year end, EMIS reporting periods and review purposes.
  • Additional on-site and one-on-one training provided upon customers request.

Misc. Services:

  • Connect employs a traveling liaison position, which provides the customer with a highly trained substitute for accounting and payroll. This position fills in at the customer's facility upon request.
  • Clients are surveyed on their satisfaction and results of those surveys are used to continually improve services.
  • Group meetings are held for client feedback and direction.